Organization of the race

General: The athletes are obliged to respect the rules of the race, to obey to the judges and doctors of the race. In case of non compliance with the rules, or the judges or the doctors, the athlete will be expelled from the race. All types of offenses of the athlete are registered by the organizers and a report is submitted to the Committee  of the  race. The route  is guarded during its total length by specialized teams of the organizers with high professional experience.  

Right to participate:  in the race participate men and women above the age of 18years. The participation of an athlete in the race is considered valid when the relevant participation fee is paid off  latest before the  beginning of the race and in accordance with the enrollment instructions. Cancellations are accepted only on written request up to 15 days before the race. In case of cancellation one (1) month before the event , the entire participation fee (100 %) returned to the applicant . Cancellation two weeks before the race, half the participation fee (50 %) returned to the applicant .

The Registration Number: It is obligatory that the athletes bear on them and in easy accessible/readable place (in front and at the back of their running forms) the number which is given by the Organizers. It is not allowed to change in any way the number that may confuse the personnel responsible for checking during the race. 

Marking of the Route: The marking is densed and in reflecting colors, visible in the night. In case of loss of path, the athletes are not punished but it is dangerous as they may find themselves in steep  parts of the mountains. For this reason athletes must have a torch during night.

External help: It is forbidden any external help to the athletes, punishment being the disqualification of the athlete from the race. Providing food/beverages to the athletes is done exclusively at the Check Points.

Rubbish: It is strictly forbidden to throw empty bottles, plastic items of any kind along the route of the race either by the athletes or by their companions. In all Check Points there is a rubbish basket for this purpose.

Check Points/Food Supply: The Organizing Committee undertakes the provision of food/beverages to the athletes throughout the 20 Check Points along the route of the race. Isotonic liquids, water, refreshments, chocolates, biscuits (salty or sweet), dried fruits, nuts etc  are offered. In the Check Points that operate during the night, soups and pasta are offered 

Equipment of the athletes: It is recommended that the athletes have with them a small rucksack or waist-sack with basic supplies p.ex water or other food of their choise, to cover their nutrition needs between the Check Points.

Check Points: There operate 20 Check Points during the race that also offer food and beverages for the athletes. Athletes are obliged to have in easy access,  their Number so that they are quickly registered by the judges at the Check Point. Refusal to show the number means exclusion from the race. The athlete who is not passing through a Check Point is also expelled from the race

Objections: The athletes have the right to submit an objection during the race and latest 30minutes after their finishing of the race to the responsible representative of the Organizing Committee. The decision of  the committee is announced till the time of the awards ceremony and it is final. The objection submission cost is set at 30 €.

Security  The Organizing Committee supervises the route by experienced teams in security, rescue and first aid medical care,  for the athletes who are in need. In case that the judges or the security personnel asks an athlete to change his route for security reasons, the athlete is obliged to do so. Refusal to comply this request results in the expel of the athlete from the race. 
The medical team follows  the route of the race and takes care of the athletes in need. 

During the race there is a bus waiting to transport the athletes who have abandoned. There is continuous communication between the Organizers and the police authorities and the hospitals of the area of the race.

Commemorative Prizes: Commemorative Prizes are awarded to the  three men and the three  women who won in the final time-record results in the race. The prizes  are certified copies of items from various Museum of  Greece. Additionally, all athletes who finish the race get a commemorative medal, while a diplome of participation is given to all athletes who participated in the race,  registering their time-record and their order of finishing or the kilometer of abandonment.
The responsibility of the Organizers.: 
The Organizers are not responsible for the death, injury or any other health problem of the athletes who in their application to participate in the race declare that they recognize the dangers of the mountain racing and confirm that their health status is good and allows them to compete. They also hand over to the Organizers a recent Medical Report latest before the beginning of the race. The Organizers waive any responsibility in relation to any injury of the athletes who are required to act in a responsible way in the areas of the route that there is an increased chance of danger for the athlete.