Race Regulatios

Runners must present a Medical Certificate stating that their physical condition allows them to run the 62 km of the route. This certificate must be in Greek or English and must be valid for at least 3 months. Also, if required, runners should provide the necessary coronavirus diagnostic tests.
Everyone, athletes, supporters, Organization, etc. are obliged to comply with the health protocols and measures set by the State.

Runners participate in the event at their own risk and should be aware that the Medical coverage offered to them is not possible at all points along the route or at any time.
Athletes are excluded from the event:
For non-compliance with the articles of the Rules of Procedure
For off-time crossing of the Dark Supply Point (a blocking point).
If deemed necessary by the leaders of the Medical Team.
Athletes may make use of personal items or food items during the Race, at their own risk. The delivery of these items takes place on the morning of the start day of the Race.
Athletes must wear their number on the chest and back, which states their name and nationality. Refusal to show the number means exclusion of the athlete. These are delivered to them by the Organizing Committee.
For their safety, Athletes must run on the left side of the road, opposite the traffic flow. If deemed necessary by the race organizers, the route can be moved to the right side of the road.
If necessary, the Athletes can receive medical assistance at any point of the Race as well as assistance from the Organizers. Any administration of drugs results in the exclusion of the athlete.
Only the doctor prescribes medication to the athlete and decides if he can continue.
Athletes are prohibited from boarding a vehicle on the way, whatever that may be. Violation of this article of the Rules results in the immediate exclusion of the Athlete. AN EXCEPTION IS PROVIDED FOR IN ARTICLE 10.
Athletes who use banned substances (doping) are excluded from the event.
Athletes must follow the predetermined route. Although for any reason, they deviate from the route, they are obliged, in order to have the right to continue, to return to the last Refueling Point from which they passed before their detour (and not to the point from which they deviated from their route). In this case alone, the person in charge of the event judges whether the runner’s deviation contained deceit. In this case the athlete is excluded from the event. The transfer of the Athlete is done by the person in charge of the event only.
Athletes must show impeccable behavior, respect for the athletic spirit and the Olympic ideal.
For reasons of safety and vigilance, the Athlete has no right to have with him a radio, MP3 device or other means of audio playback. The mobile phone is only allowed for call use.
For the two (2) sections of the route where the Supply Points are more than 13 km apart, the Athlete is required to have at least 500ml of fluid with him.
Athlete wishing to leave the event must hand in his / her number and timing chip to the route managers and sign the abandonment form at the nearest Refueling Point from the point of departure.
The Organizing Committee does not bear any responsibility if the Athlete continues the route when he is out of time or has been excluded (continues solely at his own risk).

Athletes and their companions must be aware of the Rules of the event. The Athletes, the escorts or any person who participates, has the obligation to ask the people in charge for clarifications on some point of the Regulations or anything else related to the event. The Organizing Committee does not bear any responsibility for interpretations or information that have not been properly understood and that would result in the exclusion of the Athlete from the event.
Athletes and their companions must protect the environment from any kind of pollution.
All drivers, escorts, journalists, TV crews, medical teams, members of the Diplomatic Corps and in general persons, vehicles or groups of persons related to the event, must declare their participation in the Organizing Committee, before the event and take the marks and the special permit by which they will be identified. In case some do not comply with this Regulation they will be barred from attending the event.
ANY ASSISTANCE ON BEHALF OF THE SESSIONS IS PROHIBITED DURING THE RACE. Escorts have the right to offer assistance to Athletes ONLY at the seven (7) Supply Points. The violation of this article of the Rules by the escort, leads to the exclusion of the Athlete after a decision of the head of the Organizing Committee, at the nearest point where the violation took place.
Along the asphalt sections of the route, for reasons of safety and protection of runners, the traffic of escort vehicles must be done SLOWLY and VERY CAREFULLY. In the sections of the route that consist of dirt roads or unpaved roads, the traffic of the above vehicles and supporters is PROHIBITED, which must follow the allowed detour. Each driver will be given an information leaflet during the briefing before the event.
Escorts must not move at the Athlete’s speed. This is considered illegal aid.
Violation of the Rules of the event by the escorts results in the exclusion of the Athlete or athletes who support.
Vehicles carrying TV crews, photojournalists, photographers or journalists must follow the event and park well enough away from the Athletes (so as not to disturb or raise suspicions of prohibited assistance). This violation will result in the removal of the vehicle signals as well as the permission of the passengers to attend the event.
Refueling Points can be moved without warning due to unforeseen circumstances such as road works, accidents or bad weather.
During the event, the Organizing Committee places tables with the necessary supply of Athletes, mainly in isotonic fluids. Runners have the right to place personal food items at the various Refueling Points.
In cases where the games are postponed or canceled due to weather conditions, emergencies and general bans by the State, the paid participation fee is not refunded.
Cancellations are accepted only upon written request and up to 15 days before the race.
In case of cancellation one (1) month before the race, 70% of the participation amount is returned to the applicant. In case of cancellation twenty (20) days before the race, 40% of the participation amount is returned to the applicant.
Any case not mentioned in this Regulation will be resolved on the spot by the head of the organizing committee.