Altitude Route profile according to the route map at


The route starts downhill from Levidi Square for 1.5 km and continues flat and asphalt in a green valley until the first CP at 7.7 km KEFALOVRISO.

The asphalt route continues until CP 2 13.7 km, the picturesque KANDILA presenting a slight uphill slope in the last 1 km.

From this point to the saddle of the candle there is a slightly uphill asphalt road (9 ° slope) with continuous turns of 560 m of positive altitude for a distance of about 7.5 km.

At the col of Kandila we are at an altitude of 1240 m overlooking the plain of Skotini and the imposing surrounding mountains. So we ran about 21.5 km and we will descend through a dense forest road full of fir trees. The last 2 km of the downhill route to Skotini pass through a purely downhill trail.

Having reached the station of Skotini at 28.2 km and after regaining strength we continue unscathed to the plain of Skotini. For 1.5 km we follow an asphalt slightly downhill route and for 1 km a rural dirt road very passable. At this point in the approximately 31st km of the route we should ascend to the church of Agia Anna at a distance of 3.3 km and 342 m of positive altitude following a rugged rural road.

After we quench our thirst at the water supply station in the church we descend through the dirt road to Platani at 41.2 km. We have traveled a distance of almost a marathon, but the green, the alternation of the landscape and the plethora of beautiful images we have obtained . The fact that the remaining route could be described as easy fills us with optimism for a successful finish.

The Platani Aidonia route is also relatively downhill and asphalt.

In Aidonia 48.2 km the post is under huge Paltania and we are only 14 km away from the finish. The flat asphalt route through the green vineyard of Nemea leads us to the post of Nemea.

The station of Nemea at 56 km is 5.7 km away from the finish which we will reach after passing the last small test to climb the colt of Nemea. From this point nothing can stop us and the moving moment of termination in one of the most important stages of antiquity will compensate us.

We will return quoting photos through the beautiful route.