The length of the race is 61,7 km in 10 hours of duration.

The distances between the Check Points are up to 14,5 kms.

The runners should carry water and whatever they consider necessary in order to be able to cope with this part of the route.

See below a detailed description of the route morphology between the check points (CPs)

For a more detailed briefing of the athletes – The mentioned distances are indicative – Differences exist between the car meters.

Ancient Nemea-Platani (20,50 km)

Asphalt, except a small path after 2,5km

Platani-Skotini (33,5 km)

Distance between CPs:13 km

Climbing up the mountain, right after Platani, height 800 m.

Path difficulty: medium- low vegetation


Attention: narrow path in altitude. Total distance of path 4,9 km. Asphalt afterwards until Skotini.

Skotini – Kandila (48 km)

Distance between CPs: 15,5 km

1st exit to a path of high difficulty- 2km of uphill with rocks and stones.

Exit to national road – 2nd path of high difficulty/ uphill. Length 4,4 km

Exit to national road- asphalt until Kandila

Mountain crossing/ uphill with remarkable view/ downhills.Mountain Oligirtos, height 1.000-2.000m.

Kandila – Kefalovrisso (54 km)

Distance between CPs: 6km


Kefalovrisso – Levidi (Finish line) (61,7 km)