In the very ancient time, the area around Olympia belonged  to  Pissa kingdom. However,  after 570BC, Olympia came under the rule of Ileia.

According to the myth, the men of Pissa organized the first Games in memory of  Pelops victory against king Oinomaus on  a chariot racing.

Pelops married Oinomaos daughter Ippodamia and became the king of Pissa. Pausanias who visited Flious around 155AC, records the local tale that the victory chariot of Pelops was devoted and decorated the roof of the  Flious Palace.

Soon Pelops conquered the neighbouring areas,  till then named Apia,  and ever since  the name of  Peloponissos  was selected for the area.  

Pelops revived  the Games in great glamour, in memory of the races of Oinomaus against the candidates for his daughter, and for this reason he was honoured as a hero. This is the myth for what will follow with the establishment of  the Olympic Games in this sacred land of Olympia. 

το άρμα του Πέλοπα

Though the Games historically begin at 776BC, the date of the first Olympiad,  Games were taken place since early antiquity in the area and according to the myth one of the reformers was the hero Hercules.