Asphalt laid road stretches over the first 20km it presents no particular difficulties.

A first short track turns left after 2,5km for 200m. Exit again on the main road. The CP1 – 5,7km is at Nemea. Getting out of the town, you come along CP2 – 13,5km, Aidonia and you carry on till Platani, CP3 – 20,5km. You have in front of you the first hillside to climb. The race route up till now is very pleasant and gets through the famous vineyards of the area.

The track you will take to the top is rather smooth, there are some rocks and shrub, a trail track for 3km.

Once on the top there is St. Anne’s chapel, from where you will enjoy an impressive view over a small valley with crops and wild flowers. The track on your way down is narrow, clung on the hillside; you always keep going on the left hand side. Once at the bottom of the track you go past Skotini, CP4 – 33,5km and at 300m further up you have to take another dirt track. It is said to be “difficult” although a short one for 2.200m. There are rocks, stones, and mud sometimes.

On your way out you are on a main road only for 400m. Again into a new mountain dirt track for 4,4km. Exit on the main road, you are on fir-covered mountain Olighyrtos, altitude 1.200m. You have reached the top of this mountain main road. You start going down, the road is large and turns easily for 7km.

You reach CP5 – 48km – Kandila. You carry on the asphalt laid road, you go past Kefalovriso, CP6 – 54km and you reach easily the village of Levidi, CP7 – 61,7km, (altitude 1000m) one of the most picturesque and lovely villages of Menalo. Many people take to the streets to welcome the athletes, the CP is set up on the main square. All the street lights are on and there is music from the loudspeakers. You have successfully reach the finish at the village square where the ceremony will take place.