The race

AETHLIOS  –  62 km  RACE  Levidi – Ancient Nemea

The  “AETHLIOS”  International Ultra-distance running association is organizing on Sunday 17th of April 2022 a 62 km Race from LEVIDI to ANCIENT NEMEA.

Start – Finish

Starting time: 09:00 am.

Starting place: Arcadia, Levidi, Central Square.

Finishing place: Anc. Nemea, Ancient Stadium.


The distance between Levidi and Anc. Nemea is 61,7km.

Checkpoints working hours are shown in detail in the web page All checkpoints are disqualification points.

Finishing limit time is 10hrs (19:00 pm).

Categories – Prizes

First three male athletes and first three females will be given prizes at a prize award ceremony in the Touristic Pavilion, Anc. Nemea at 17:00 pm. All athletes passing the finishing line within the time limit will receive a commemorative medal.

Commemorative diplomas showing official running time will be published electronically in our site in pdf format.

Participation – Criterion

All athletes having finished a marathon or any ultramarathon race in Greece or abroad are entitled to take part in the race.

You can register your participation by filling-in the entry form as shown in Club’s web page  For more information please contact us at our email:


a. You can go to the starting place, Levidi, with your own car and be there one hour before starting time (on or before 08:00 am).

b. You can take the bus that starts from Athens at 05:30 and it will take you to the starting place at Levidi. After the race the same bus will carry you back to Athens.

Participation Cost

Participation cost for the race is:

a.  Package of  40 € including:

  • Catering during the race (7 supply and control stations).
  • Medical care, physiotherapy.
  • Medal.
  • Insurance.
  • T-Shirt. 
  • Certificate of performance in electronic form (pdf). 

b.  Package of 60 € including:

  • Transportation by bus from Athens (stanley Hotel – Metaxourgio Square) at 05:30 am on 17/4/2022, to the starting place, Levidi. Transportation back to Athens after the race event.
  • Catering during the race (7 supply and control stations).
  • Medical care, physiotherapy.
  • Medal.
  • Insurance.
  • T-Shirt.
  • Certificate of performance in electronic form (pdf). 

The participation amount to be deposited to IBAN account  PIRAEUS BANK IBAN: GR78 0171 3360 0063 3601 0140 609 BIC:PIRBGRAA  up to 19/4/2015, end of entries.  Entries have already started so please take part at your earliest convenience to avoid organizational problems.

We would like to inform all athletes that :

Delivery of personal numbers will be done

a)  in Anc. Nemea’s stadium, to those athletes who will be there up to 07:00am the day of the race.

b)  in Levidi’s central square, one hour before starting time, as from 08:00 am.

During the race there will be buses to collect those athletes who might abandon the race and offer them the necessary medical care.

There is no extra charge for the supporters who can support athletes only at the checkpoints.  It will not be allowed to give any kind of support elsewhere.  Escorts are not allowed to follow their athletes on dirt roads.

Athletes can have their provisions and personal belongings at any checkpoint they want provided they place them in the respective bag of the checkpoint. Their participation number should be shown on the bags. Provisions and personal belongings should be placed in bags before starting at Levidi’s square.Belongings which might be left behind at checkpoints (except foodstuffs or drinks) will be transferred to the finishing place.

For two parts of the distance :  Kandila – Skotini and Skotini – Platani, where checkpoints are 14,5 and 13 km apart respectively, athletes should carry with them at least 500ml liquids.  

Participant athletes should be adequately prepared for such a race. Also they should bear in mind that they run on their own responsibility. They should provide a medical certificate stating that they are in good health and that they can participate in such a race.

All athletes and their escorts should be aware of the race regulations as shown in detail in our web page and fully abide by them. Also they should comply with all remarks or recommendations made by the people in charge.

The organizing committee wishes you good preparation and hopes you will enjoy the beauty of the race and the nature by doing what pleases you most.

Technical Charaterestics  62 km Race

Altitude Differences

Positive high altitude 620m

Negative high altitude 1140m

Profile of Terrain

km                Surface

0 – 21.7          Paved Road (Asphalted Road)

21.7 – 28.2       Trail(2km) – Dirt Road

28.2 – 30         Paved Road (Asphalted Road)

30 – 41           Dirt Road

41– 61.7          Paved Road (Asphalted Road)

Finish   Ancient Nemea – ancient stadium